Taiwan, Province of China · Legal Entity Identifier (LEI)

Taiwan, Province of China has 323 Legal Entity Identifiers (LEI).

TW · Legal Entity Identifier (LEI)

Legal Name Address
Voith Turbo Co. Limited No.3 Taitang Road, Xiaogang District, Taiwan, TW-KHH 81246, TW
Land Bank of Taiwan No.46, Guancian Road Jhongjheng District, Taipei, 10047, TW
Beyond Success Worldwide Limited 7th Floor 30 Cunzhong Street, TAICHUNG, TW-TXQ 403, TW
Universal Dawn International Asset Management Consultancy Ltd 14th Floor No.137, Sec.2 Nanjing East Road Zhongshan District, Taipei City, TW-TPQ 10485, TW
JPMorgan (Taiwan) Multi Income Fund of Funds 20th Floor 1, Songzhi Road Xinyi District, Taipei, 110, TW
Bonus Gate Company Limited Rm. D, 26F., No.306, Sec. 1, Taichung Port Rd., West Dist., Taichung City 403, Taiwan (R.O.C.), Taichung, TW
VANGUARD DEVELOPMENTS LIMITED Attn: Mr. Terence Chou 13th FL No. 306 Nei Hu Road Section 1, 114 Taipei, TW
Citibank Taiwan Limited 1 Songzhi Road, Taipei, 11047, TW
Union Securities Investment Trust Co.,Ltd. 6th Floor No.137, Section 2 Nanjing East Road, Taipei, 10485, TW
National Pension Insurance Fund 10th Floor No.6, Sec.1 Roosevelt Road Zhongzheng District, Taipei, TW
The Shanghai Commercial & Savings Bank, Ltd. 2, Min-Chuan East Road Sec. 1, Taipei, 10452, TW
Deutsche Far Eastern Asset Management Company Limited 207 Tun Hua South Road Taipei Metro Tower 7th Floor Section 2, Taipei, TW-TPE TW
Glory Sky International Limited No.46, Section 1 Huanshan Road Neihu District, Taipei, 114, TW
Elg Metals Taiwan Corporation No. 1 Ln 33 Zhunan Road Renwu District, Kaohsiung City, TW-KHH 814, TW
JPMorgan (Taiwan) Total Emerging Markets Income Solution Fund 20th Floor 1, Songzhi Road Xinyi District, Taipei, TW-TPQ 110, TW
Besco Pneumatic Corporation No 441-2, Dali Road Dali City, Taichung, 41259, TW
Nan Shan Life Insurance Co., Ltd. No.168, Zhuang Jing Road, Taipei, 11049, TW
Manulife Emerging Market High Yield Bond Fund 9th Floor 89 Sungren Road, Taipei City, TW-TPQ 110, TW
大眾商業銀行股份有限公司 1F, 2F & B1F No.2 Xinyi Road, Sec.5 Xinyi District, Taipei, 110, TW
Katagalan Star S.A. No. 237, Fuxing South Road Section 2 Da’an District, Taipei, TW