Taiwan, Province of China · Legal Entity Identifier (LEI)

Taiwan, Province of China has 278 Legal Entity Identifiers (LEI).

TW · Legal Entity Identifier (LEI)

Legal Name Address
Schenker (H.K.) Limited Taiwan Branch 3F. No. 49, Min-Sheng E. Road, Taipei, 104, TW
Analog Devices Taiwan, Ltd. 5F-1 No. 408 Rui Guang Road, Taipei, 11492, TW
Wrigley Taiwan Ltd. 9th Floor No. 112, Section 1 Zhongxiao East Road, New Taipei, TW
J.P. Morgan Securities (Taiwan) Limited 3rd Floor, Xin Fi Yi Trading Center No. 106, Section 5 Xin Yi Road Taipei 110, Taipei City, TW-TPQ TW
Cargill Investment Co., Ltd. 3F-1 No. 9 Cingdao East Road Jhongjheng District, Taipei, 100, TW
第一金人壽保險股份有限公司. 13F NO.456 SECTION 4, XIN YI ROAD, 110, TW
Schroder Global High Income Bond Fund 9th Floor 108 Hsin-Yi Road, Suite B Sec.5 Sin-Yi District, Taipei, 11047, TW
Taiwan Futures Exchange Corp. 14th Floor 100 Roosevelt Road Section 2, Taipei, TW
Schroder Global Resources Equity Fund 9th Floor Hsin-Yi Road 108, Sec.5 Sin-Yi District, Suite B, Taipei, TW
Citigroup Global Markets Taiwan Securities Company Limited 15th Floor No 1 Songzhi Road, Taipei City, TW-TPQ 110, TW
KGI Securities Co. Ltd. No.700, Mingshui Road Zhongshan District, Taipei, 10462, TW
CPC Corporation, Taiwan No. 3, Songren Rd., Sinyi District, Taipei, 11010, TW
Manulife Oriental Pearl Short Term Income Fund 9/F, No.89 Sungren Road, Taipei, TW-TPQ TW
Manulife Asset Management (Taiwan) Co., Limited 9th Floor No. 89 Sungren Road, Taipei City, TW-TPQ 11073, TW
Manulife Emerging Market High Yield Bond Fund 9th Floor 89 Sungren Road, Taipei City, TW-TPQ 110, TW
Franklin Templeton SinoAm Securities Investment Management Inc 12F No.87 Zhongxiao Road Section 4, Taipei City, TW
Philips Lighting Taiwan Limited Yuan Qu Street 3-1 Nangang District, Taipei, 115, TW
Success Guide Investments Limited 25F, No. 12, Guan Chien Road West District, TaiChung, TW-TXQ 403, TW
Schroder Global Dynamic Fund of Bond Funds 9th Floor 108, Hsin-Yi Road Suite B Sin-Yi Disctrict, Section 5, Taipei, TW-TPQ TW
W.T.T. INVESTMENT LIMITED 11/FL 237 Chien Kuo South Road Section 1, Taipei City, TW